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Virginia BBQ Pirates
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2012 Competiton Schedule
More to come!
  • Salisbury, MD - April
  • Palmyra, VA - June
  • Louisa, VA - July
  • Woodstock, VA - October

Virginia BBQ Pirates
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2008 Invitationals:
2008 American Royal
2008 Jack Daniels Invitational

THE TRUE HISTORY OF BBQ       Details here

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Welcome to the home of the Virginia BBQ Pirates competition barbeque team.

Our web site is to promote BBQ (& Grilling). We hope that we have some useful imformation here wether you're just cooking a couple o' dogs for the family or if your ready to get out and try your hand on the BBQ Competition circuit. Don't forget to take a look at our recipie pages. I add to it from time to time as I try new things. I don't include it unless we really like it and would cook it for company.

Since we like to BBQ & Grill it was only natural for us to form a team and hit the BBQ Competition circuit. Whether it's beef brisket, ribs, pork butt, chicken or something more exotic, we enjoy all things barbeque and in the spirit of a backyard cook-out I'm going to share some of my experiences, techniques and recipes. Since we don't live on barbeque alone, there is also some great information on grilling. So let's open a beer, start the fire and enjoy the best meal we've ever had - until the next one.

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Updated February 19, 2012

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